FUG 10 - Lost Treasure in the Hessian Triangle    

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FUG 10 - Lost Treasure in the Hessian Triangle
By Jay Osman

FUG 10 - Lost Treasure in the Hessian Triangle By Jay Osman
The Secret of the Lost Treasure is Hidden in a Family Bible

Two centuries of intrigue and suspense lead to a frantic climax as modern rivals attempt to secure the treasure originally looted by a Hessian officer as General George Washington made his daring crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas night, 1776.

After the Battle of Trenton, a captured Hessian soldier is the only survivor who knows the hiding place of the treasure. From there follows a twisted tale of recovery and loss which finally leads to a modern-day genealogical search by the descendants of the Hessian prisoner and a befriended Revolutionary prison guard. These descendents find a cryptic clue (FUG 10) while an unscrupulous rival uncovers the same information by treachery — and a deadly game is afoot.

This edge-of-the-chair drama of deceit and betrayal concludes with a modern-day climax that is as fascinating as it is riveting. The sleuths find themselves in a race to the finish for the treasure and their opponent has no intention of playing fair.


About the Author:

Jay Osman was inspired to write this novel by his love of American history — especially treasure stories — and by the many years he spent on his family genealogy. As he strived to learn more about his Mennonite heritage (third great-grandmother) he developed an intense personal interest in the day-to-day struggles and customs of his early American ancestors. Jay Osman was born and raised in upper Dauphin County, Pennsylvania and now resides in central Pennsylvania with his wife, Shirley, and their Labrador retriever, Beau.


... Thank you for the copy of FUG 10 that you gave to me. It did exactly what you intended it to do — I was entertained from the moment I began reading until I came to the last page. I wanted more!!! It was so interesting I could hardly put it down, and when I did stop reading I was thinking about the characters and the story. You did a wonderful job — I think it should be made into a movie.
—Linda Schylaske, Publisher, The Citizen-Standard, Valley View, PA

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