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Descendants of Robert Osman

Generation No. 2

    2{i} ANNA OSMAN b. Abt. 1790, m. JOHN MILLER.

   2{ii} JOSEPH OSMAN b. Abt. 1792.

  2{iii} JOHN OSMAN (ROBERT 1) was born Abt. 1795 in Lykens Twp., PA, 
         and died Abt. June 1873 in Lykens Twp., PA.  He married HANNAH 
         SCHADEL Abt. 1820.  She was born March 3, 1801 in Berks Co., 
         PA, and died in Lykens Twp., PA. It is believed John is buried
	 in the Osman Burial Ground in Lykens Twp known as "Victor's Patch".

  Children of JOHN OSMAN and HANNAH SCHADEL are:

      3{i}   BENEWELL S. OSMAN, b. August 30, 1821, Lykens Twp., PA; 
             m. (1) HANNAH BECK, b. Dec 15, 1821, d. March 6, 1846, 
             Lykens Twp., PA; 
             m. (2) MATILDA SCHOFFSTALL, Abt. 1847; b. May 10, 1822, 
             Lykens Twp., PA; d. May 17, 1878, Lykens Twp., PA.
     3{ii}   CAROLINE OSMAN, b. April 3, 1823.
    3{iii}   MIRANDA M. OSMAN, b. March 27, 1826; d. August 3, 1910, 
             Schyulkill Co., PA; m. JOHN GABRIEL SALTZER.
     3{iv}   GEORGE OSMAN, b. abt 1826, d. aft 1880, (may have been twin
             of Miranda) m. CATHERINE SMELTZ b. Sept. 15, 1828, d. bfr 1880.
      3{v}   JACOB S. OSMAN, b. Abt. 1829, Lykens Twp., PA; 
             d. Abt. 1881, Northumberland Co., PA; m. (1) ELIZABETH 
             ZERBY; b. November 1, 1822; d. July 22, 1852; 
             m. (2) AMELIA S. ?.
     3{vi}   JESIAS OSMAN, b. April 3, 1831.
    3{vii}   MARY OSMAN.
   3{viii}   SUSANNA OSMAN, b. February 1, 1835.
     3{ix}   SARAH OSMAN, b. September 4, 1836.
      3{x}   ELIAZBETH OSMAN, b. December 25, 1838.
     3{xi}   HENRY OSMAN.
    3{xii}   JOHN L. OSMAN (JOHN 2) (ROBERT 1) b. August 27, 1844, Lykens 
             Twp., PA;  d. July 31, 1875, Wiconisco, PA; m. ABBIE HEPLER; 
             b. September 9, 1843; d. October 21, 1927, Wiconisco,PA.

   2{iv}  DANIEL OSMAN b. Dec. 16, 1796, d. Abt. Jan. 1844, m. SARAH ?,
	  Daniel's brother John 2{iii} petitioned the court on Jan. 15, 1844
	  to appoint JOHN SNYDER of Lykens Twp. to be guardian of Daniel's 
	  three minor children viz; SARAH, ELIZABETH, and CATHARINE OSMAN,
	  as both their parents were deceased.

    2{v}  CATHERINE OSMAN B. Feb. 10, 1799, m. JACOB MILLER.

   2{vi}  MARY OSMAN b. June 24, 1806, d. Dec. 24, 1884, m. JOHN AARON 
          WILLIARD b. Abt 1805, d. Sept. 29, 1880. (May have been married 
          first to a HOOVER.) Mary and John Aaron are buried in the Zion 
          Luthern Churchyard, Klingerstown, PA.

  2{vii}  PHOEBE OSMAN b. Abt. 1808, m. JOHN BROSIUS.

 2{viii}  SARAH OSMAN b. Abt. 1810, m. TOBIAS BROSIUS.

  Children of SARAH OSMAN and TOBIAS BROSIUS are:
	3{i}	 SAMUEL BROSIUS, b. Abt. 1838
	3{ii}	 LENEY BROSIUS, b. Abt. 1840
        	3{iii}         WILLIAM F. BROSIUS, b. Abt. 1842
	3{iv}	 EMMA E. BROSIUS, b. Abt. 1846
	3{v}	 JOHN BROSIUS, b. Abt. 1849	

   2{ix}  JOSHUA OSMAN b. Abt. 1812, d. Abt 1863, m. SUSAN LEE b. Abt 1807
          d. Abt 1869. Both died in Peach Bottom Twp., York Co., PA.

    2{x}  SAMUEL OSMAN was born April 14, 1815 in Lykens Twp. PA, 
	  and died June 13, 1891 in Dakota City, NE.  He married (1) MARY T. 
	  ARMOUR Abt. 1841.  She was born April 13, 1818, and died Oct. 18, 
 	  1842. He married (2) EVE HARTSOCK Abt. 1844.  She was born Jan. 
	  12, 1815 in Halfmoon Twp., Centre Co., PA, and died September 18, 
	  1851 in Halfmoon Twp., Centre Co., PA.  He married (3) ELIZA 
	  LAMBORN April 5, 1855.  She was born July 19, 1828 in Halfmoon T., 
	  Centre Co., PA, and died December 24, 1910 in Los Angeles, CA; 
	  Buried beside Samuel in Dakota City, NE. There were no children
	  born to this couple.

        3{i}  WILLIAM A. OSMAN, b. Abt. 1842.
Children of SAMUEL OSMAN and EVE HARTSOCK are:
       3{ii}  HUSTON H. OSMAN, b. August 26, 1845.
       3{iii} MIRAM OSMAN, b. Abt. 1849; d. December 22, 1851.

   2{xi} WILLIAM OSMAN was born June 18, 1819, in Lykens Twp.
         and died January 18, 1909.  He married MARY HISE November 28, 1848.
         Both are buried in the Old Ottawa Cemetery, Ottawa, IL. William 
         became the owner/editor of the Ottawa Free Trader in 1844. 
         Mexican War Vet.

  Children of WILLIAM OSMAN and MARY HISE are:
       3{ii}  EATON GOODALL OSMAN.

  2{xii} ELIZABETH OSMAN was born June 18, 1819, the twin of William. She
         died June 6, 1866 a spinster. Buried beside her mother in the Zion
         Luthern Churchyard, Klingerstown, PA.
 2{xiii} MOSES OSMAN was born April 9, 1822, and died October 
         27, 1893.  He married ZILPHA STRAWN June 3, 1852.  She was born 
         February 16, 1833, and died September 29, 1922. Was both a Mexican War 
         and Civil War Vet. Was a partner with brother William in the 
         newspaper the Ottawa Free Trader for a few years. Buried
         in the Old Ottawa Cemetery, Ottawa, IL, beside his wife.
	3{i}   FANNIE OSMAN, b. October 18, 1854; m. JULIUS STARRETT.

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